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We started this blog to give the opportunity to small business owners to learn how to have a successful web-presence. Month by month our team will publish new subjects, with simple words and phrases to make you familiar with our work, and our vision.
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How you should know your e-commerce website is well made

These days, anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can build a website. The question is, what kind of website will you get? Will your new website function well and be able to expand as your company grows? Your website is often the first impression that clients have of your business, so you need a professional web design company —not some guy who pirated a copy of Dreamweaver with a stack of business cards using a Vista Print template.
There are many things which you need to check before signing a contract and handing over a deposit—especially if you are building an eCommerce site. Below are some of the key points to check before deciding which design company to use.
Check the company’s design portfolio.

Whenever you’re choosing a web design company, make sure you check that they have actually worked on similar projects in the past. You don’t want to be an inexperienced designers “guinea pig.” It’s a situation that too often leads to disappointing results, unfinished sites or incomplete projects.
Choosing a web design agency with the right experience is especially important when you’re looking for an eCommerce provider. Don’t fall into the trap of using a “design” agency when what you really need is a development company. eCommerce sites are very technology-heavy with complex coding and specialized systems, so you need an agency that understands the potential problems that come with this type of site.
To avoid hiring a designer to do a developer’s job, check an agencies portfolio to ensure it has many examples of functional/tech-heavy websites and not just logos, flyers, static and print design.
Check that the design company is big enough to complete your project.

Find out if the company has a technical team or is a one-man shop. Many web ‘companies’ actually only consist of one designer and one developer.Over the years there have been many scenarios where the only technical contact at the company has left leaving all clients stranded. The other reason to know the true size of the staff is to ensure that your website will be built by the designer and not sent out to someone else.
madeinusaCheck that the design work is carried out in-house rather than outsourced.

Be wary of a false sales pitch with nothing to back it up. There are lots of ‘middle men’ in this industry and agencies who can outsource the entire project in India or Pakistan with huge mistakes and errors. We are one of the companies that many well-known industry names are hiring us to do their job and just put their logo and a big multiplier to their cost. Don’t fall for a slick PowerPoint or video presentation! 

Although there are many pitfalls when choosing a company to build you an e-commerce website, if you get it right then the benefits are great. Making the right choice can lead to success, low overheads and a website to be proud of. So when choosing which company to use, remember the checklist above and ensure that you ‘do it once – do it right’.
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