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We started this blog to give the opportunity to small business owners to learn how to have a successful web-presence. Month by month our team will publish new subjects, with simple words and phrases to make you familiar with our work, and our vision.
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A website is for humans

Everyone knows that we live in an age in which survival in business depends on the ability to communicate effectively with proven results through the internet.

Million of companies globally are trying to make this happen for their clients, but very few of them knows the right way. The realization that just having any old or bad looking website isn't enough, is something that thousands of business owners comes with everyday. The quality, the appearance, the applications, the design and development of a website combining with the content and the nature of the business are the keys to success. 
A great website is built in two basic truths:
mainpageThe internet is an interactive medium and the end user is in fact human. In other words, it's meant to be an experience. As with an adventure, a movie film, a visit to your store, needs strategy, scripting, management, plan to ensure that this experience is enjoyable and repeatable.
Every website have to respect the visitors. It's exactly the same like your clients or customers to your business. If you don't show respect they will not buy from you, they will not say a good word for you, and you'll never see them again. Analysis on monthly basis is needed to proceed with changes and alterations. Statistics and maths are very important also, you should know where your users are coming from, and what they are looking in you. Learn about their interests, talk with them, find out how you can become better for your own good. 
Basically there are 5 main points to success to a website:
  1. Respect the visitors
  2. Create a story line
  3. Communicate your business
  4. Inspire the visitors
  5. Leave a great impression
The principles of good human-to-computer interface design are simplicity, support, clarity, encouragement, satisfaction, accessibility, versatility, and personalization. While it’s essential to heed these, it’s also important to empathize with and inspire your audience so they feel you’re treating them less like a faceless user and more like a human being. In doing so, you will extend their affinity with the design and foster positive attitudes towards your brand, company, or product.
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